The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

The Perfect Stocking Stuffers

2021 Nov 15th

Happy Monday everyone - let's start off this week in a sweet way by sharing a Slice of Canada - or 12 to be exact! Because we love supporting local, Canadian brands that celebrate our heritage and everything we stand for as a nation.

As a proudly Canadian-founded brand ourselves, with several retail locations based in Toronto, and suppliers who are based in Canada - this leaves us with a deep connection to our home and native land. With that comes a deep appreciation for offering iconic Canadian gifts to people like you!

For today's Monday Meets we are back with our classic chocolate coins: the iconic Canadian dollar in its sweetest form. Unwrap one, or two, or even three – you can never have too many coins in your hand!

Made with pure milk chocolate, these giant loonies are the perfect souvenir for your Canada-loving friends, family and distant colleagues and peers. They are also the perfect way to teach your little ones how to count, with a delicious treat to unwrap for every answer!

Because there's no currency sweeter than this!