The Gifting Never Ends

The Gifting Never Ends

2021 Sep 28th

Welcome back to our site, and happy Tuesday everyone! Today’s blog is a fun take on explaining how we at Baskits ensure that the gifting never ends. Whether it's our Spa Day basket or our popular Eastwood filled with gourmet foods, our goodies are thoroughly enjoyed right to the end. But did you also know that our basket bases are entirely re-usable and built to last beyond their initial use?

Spa Day Gift Basket  Eastwood Gift Basket

We know that when you receive any gift basket, you immediately salivate at the goodies inside, but have you ever stopped and thought about what you can do with the base once the contents in them are finished? Just like with our contents, every basket we make is specially curated, even down to its base.

Not only are you gifting someone specially curated items, you are also giving them an item that can be reused and re-purposed. Whether you use it as a statement piece in your home, a basket-turned planter, or even as a way to maximize your storage, the options are endless!

Here at Baskits it’s more than just our gift contents that have value. The gifting really does never end when you can re-gift or re-use our gift bases or boxes!