The Cutest Gifts for Young Siblings!

The Cutest Gifts for Young Siblings!

2020 Sep 8th

When a new baby arrives, older siblings can often feel a little left out with all the attention, gifts and excitement being bestowed on their new brother or sister. While it’s wonderful to send your congratulations to new parents who now have an extra 10 little toes to love, acknowledging older siblings for their promotion to big brother or sister is a great way to make them feel included and that they hold a new and very important role!

Baskits’ “For Kids” collection has the perfect set of gifts for new big brothers and sisters that show how special they are and that they to, are thought of when a new little one arrives.

Big Brother (K10219)  Big Sister (K10119)

Big Brother and Big Sister help with the transition of introducing a new baby to the family and are a special gift for the day that brother or sister became a protector, a best friend, a hero and a super older sibling! These adorable gift baskets feature an interactive story book, a plush toy doll (baby safe of course) and a cape to show big brother or sister that they are super and will be the best older sibling.

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