The best gifts of thanks for Admin Appreciation Week

The best gifts of thanks for Admin Appreciation Week

2019 Apr 24th

Today is a special day. A day that honors the silent heroes from behind the scenes of our work spaces and offices, the glue that holds everything together and that ensure all of the details are handled with care. It's Administrative Professionals Day! Or should we say... week!

Admin Appreciation Week is a time to highlight the importance and value of our admins and to shine a spotlight on the key role that they play in keeping our organizations functioning efficiently. Think back to all of the times where your Admin has spent long hours binding, scheduling appointments and keeping things going without a hitch - now that deserves a beautiful gift of recognition!

From our gift collection, you'll find the best gifts that are perfect from showing your appreciation for that that your Admin does. From Spa gifts to gifts of decadent chocolates, there is something for every taste and we will have your gift delivered right to their work space. 

Visit from the perfect way to say "thank you" for all that you do.

Happy gifting.