Sweet Moments

Sweet Moments

2021 Dec 14th

What better way to help wake you up on a Tuesday morning, then with the finest, coffee and tea? And, of course, some chocolate to munch and cookies to dunk!

This weeks Tuesday Treats we're focused on the very best sweets we have - highlighting our Coffee, Tea & Treats gift box. The very best bundle with all the sweets tied into a delicate, lucite box. In true Baskits fashion!

Whether you need your daily dose of coffee, or are an avid tea-drinker, this gift box combines the perfect duo to keep the best of you awake during the long (and, sometimes grueling), work week that we all face. And in case you're like us, and need sweets with your morning beverage, well, we're a step ahead of you! This box really does have it all!

At Baskits we're all about emphasizing the importance of treating those you love (and yourself, of course) — and edible treats are surely one of the best ways to do so. From shortbread, to chocolate, and peanut brittle, their sweet tooth will not go unsatisfied.

So, share the gift of creating beautiful moments and savoring exquisite treats. There has never been a coffee had, or a tea drank, where a conversation didn't occur simultaneously. We're all for sweetening the little moments, and helping you gift them, is our favourite thing to do.