Support Baskits, Support Local

Support Baskits, Support Local

2021 Mar 9th

We absolutely love sourcing products for our gift baskets from fantastic Canadian companies, coast to coast, who are leaders in innovation and are on trend and premium in every way. Due to the recent and dramatic change that our economy is facing, sourcing our gifts from small, local businesses has transitioned from something that we love to do, to a core value and responsibility that we take very seriously.

While many small businesses across the country are struggling to keep their establishments going, or have been forced to permanently close, Baskits has been incredibly fortunate to remain fully operational. In turn, we have had the opportunity to provide a continuous revenue stream to our partners that assists with the hardships of decreased sales.

A few of our partners located right here in Toronto include Fraktal’s, the producers of a famous Belgian Milk Chocolate Buttercrunch, Mary Macleod’s, founded by Mary Macleod herself in the spring of 1981 and still operating today, Pluck Tea, Tealish Fine Teas and many more.


Baskits doesn’t stop with small local vendors. We source small-batch from across the country. Some of our key small-batch Canadian companies that Baskits takes pride in supporting are Sweetsmith Candy Co. from Calgary, AB, beba bean, who provide our adorable crochet hats for new babies, Ontario’s hatch Coffee Roasters and The Preservatory, BC’s finest!   


It is important to Baskits during these new and trying times that we do our part to help keep small, independent establishments in business. When you support Baskits, you help to support small, local businesses.