StrikeUP,  here we come!

StrikeUP, here we come!

2022 Feb 22nd

Today we have a special treat for you all! Although we mentioned it back in January - and yes, we just said back in January - we wanted to give a friendly reminder that the StrikeUP conference is quickly approaching.

Partnering with StrikeUP Canada, the digital event for women entrepreneurs, has been quite exciting! Their conference focuses on how and why key decisions are made, and the growth impacts these decisions have on female-owned businesses.

As this years conference will focus on “Decision Points For Growth”, it makes sense that Canada’s leading businesswomen, including our very own President & CEO, Robin Kovitz, will be speaking. We are so proud to work alongside such an inspiring leader, who continuously dedicates her time to help support female entrepreneurs in growing their business/es.

There is great value in sharing advice and knowledge with the future generation of young girls and women, to help shape and bolster them into fearless leaders of tomorrow, ready to tackle anything life and business throws at them. StrikeUP focuses on uniting women entrepreneurs to create a thriving system of shared goals and a growing, equitable landscape for the future. Robin, and several other accomplished business professionals, will be sharing their experience and advice on funding strategizing, and how to build a successful brand.

When womxn support womxn, we all win; together, we can learn, grow and thrive. So, we urge you to join us on Thursday, March 3rd, 2022, for this exciting and informative event that is sure to inspire. There's no better time then the present to invest in yourself! Register for FREE today at , and help us keep the conversation going for how to build strong business foundations and even stronger female leaders.