Step Up Your Gifting Game

Step Up Your Gifting Game

2022 Jan 7th

This week we're stepping up our Friday Feature and focusing in on the kids - every single one of them. Because where's the fun in gifting without a kids enjoyment.

From pastel to primary, to names and birthdays - we have elevated the gifting game for all the little ones in your life. With Baskits, you can give the gift of height with our personalized step up stools! In small and large they come - the perfect addition to any bathroom, bedroom or play room.

We're all about gifting with ease, so it's no coincidence that our gifts themselves ease the daily struggles. Our little ones want to reach the stars, and now with these stools, they are one step closer. When gifting independence, you can't go wrong!

And, to add to the fun, each letter is a separate puzzle piece, so spelling games are in the cards now. Each letter is cut from thick laminated birch crafted to the highest quality of standards. Only the best - and most fun - for our children. What serves as a way to gain height, also doubles as a fun spelling game! 

So, step up your gifting game and help little ones reach new heights with a step up stool - or several!