2019 Mar 5th

A fun and fantastic new spin on Canadian gifts and souvenirs, SLICE of CANADA introduces the most delicious Maple Cream and Sea Salt Milk Chocolate, packaged in the likeliness of the Canadian $5, $10,$20 and $50 bank notes. Perfect for any gift shop or tourist focused retail location, these beautifully designed chocolate bars are a fantastic take away for business trips, travel souvenirs and gifts when adventuring abroad or for visitors returning home from a fantastic visit to Canada.

Slice of Canada – $10 Bar x12 Slice of Canada – $20 Bar x12 Slice of Canada – $50 Bar x12 Slice of Canada – $5 Bar x12

Each selection, features great Canadian staples like the CN Tower, or our national animal, the beaver. Each note arrives as a set of 12 units and are easily displayed in a brand identifiable SLICE of CANADA, retail-ready display box. You just open them up and place them on the shelf. It’s as easy as that!

For retailers looking to inquire about wholesale pricing, please contact