Shine like Kocostar!

Shine like Kocostar!

2019 Mar 1st

Finding the time (or the money) to spend at a salon on the regular for hair, nail, foot and skin care can be tough; Kocostar, an innovator in fun and creative at-home spa products is to the rescue.

Identifying a void in the market, Kocostar has changed the game when it comes to better "salon experience" products that you can use on your own and in the comfort of your own home. What's even better, is with Kocostar, you receive outstanding, incomparablee luxury quality for a sustainable cost.

We love Kocostar and their amazing products so much that we've included them in many of our gift baskets "For Her." Their Lemon and Rose Slice Mask, Deep Hydration Mask or Hair Mask can be found in Belle Spa, My Oasis, Me Time, and more. The perfect gifts for the ladies in your life, for any occasion.

Whether you are looking for gift delivery in Toronto or delivery across North America, you can give the gift of rejuvenation and pampering just about anywhere!