Share your Sweater Day!

Share your Sweater Day!

2022 Feb 3rd

This Thursday, our thoughts are focused on sweaters! And, what better way to celebrate National Sweater Day then with the perfect and softest Baskits sweaters? Our goal is to always have you the most prepared so that rest assured you will avoid the gifting scramble. Because in 2022, the scramble is no longer necessary, when Baskits is at your service!

As we are in February - the midst of Winter - it is of the utmost importance that we are not only dressed warmly, but also dressed to the nines. When the temperature drops, our style doesn't have to go down with it. At Baskits we have follow the rule of the 4Cs to maintain a high-level of comfort and style during the colder seasons.

Our 4Cs, although different then others, refer to cashmere or cotton and cozy and comfortable. These 4 words accurately describe our sweater offering. From 100% cashmere sweaters with matching hats, to 100% cotton, cable knit sweaters, in the softest colors, your newborn - up until the age of 12 months - can be cozy and cute.

Gifting sweaters truly are the warmest gift to give to really show you care. Defining cuteness overload, these soft-as-can-be sweaters are made with 100% love to ensure the gentlest touch for every bundle of joy. Although they are available in their own individual sets, if you really want to WOW them, giving the gift of the Bundle of Joy gift baskets, are sure to impress. From the sweater, matching hat, stuffed animal, and wash set, we've got your baby covered, because for them, only the best will do!

So, this international sweater day, gift their newborn head-to-toe Baskits babywear. Because combining cozy and luxe in one is finest addition to any baby's closet.