sending warm wishes

sending warm wishes

2021 Dec 9th

As we near Christmas, our Thursday Thoughts are all about ensuring we send the best of wishes to those around us. And, in true Baskits fashion, we have a basket to say just that!

We're all about keeping warm this December - because as the new year quickly approaches, so are the colder days. And, although it's in the thought, it's our actions that really count. So, what better way to send the warmest of wishes then with everyone's favourite Premium Belgian Drinking Chocolate. An adult twist on the hot chocolate we all know and love.

Our very own, Dabble & Drizzle, Premium Belgian Drinking Chocolate is the sweetest way to give the gift of warmth. Made with the finest Belgian chocolate shavings, this beverage is perfect for all the chocolate-lovers in your life. And, we know there's a lot of you out there!

This premium beverage comes in our folding, black, gift box: Warm Wishes. This box finishes the perfect set: with our drinking chocolate, now add a matching gold and black mug, and marshmallows! And when you need the perfect spoon to mix it all together - look no further, as Warm Wishes comes with the perfect, brushed brass stirring spoon.

This December raise the gold gifting standard for sending the warmest wishes