Rosh Hashanah Gifting!

Rosh Hashanah Gifting!

2021 Aug 30th

Rosh Hashanah gifts are the perfect way to wish someone a sweet and happy Jewish New Year!

Surprise and delight friends and family with a stunning Kosher gift basket from Baskits that are not only unique but also delicious, offering Rosh Hashana symbolic foods that are 100% Kosher certified!

From apples and honey, to cookies and chocolate, our selections are sure to enhance your Rosh Hashana table, or be the perfect gift to offer your host to celebrate the Holiday.

Our Shana Tova gift box (above) features premium Wendell Estate Raw Honey and crisp red apples, as these are typically a focal point of the holiday meal! Apples are a plentiful fruit in the Fall when the Rosh Hashanah holiday is observed and dipping apples into honey is a Rosh Hashanah tradition (as honey is significant not just for its sweetness, but also for recognizing the bees that made it!)

Rosh Hashanah runs from September 6 until the evening of September 8. 

Visit to view our collection and arrange delivery! Don’t miss the chance to wish a friend “Shana Tova u'Mesukah” by sending them a thoughtful gift filled with celebratory snacks.