Retail Insider Scoop

Retail Insider Scoop

2022 Feb 11th

We've made it to Friday! And, in true Baskits Friday spirit, we have a special feature for you all! Retail Insider'sMario Toneguzzi, wrote an article focused on Baskits' brand growth and the overall growth for the gift basket industry. So, we wanted to share it with you all.

The article elaborates on the fact that for a business that has been around since 1985, not only are we still standing, but under Robin's reign, we are flourishing, and have managed to make the art of gifting, sophisticated and simple!

We’re Canada’s leading gift delivery service company, and you don't gain that title without incredible, loyal customers (thanks, guys)! For those that are new to our brand, the article outlines what we do: design, manufacture and deliver gifts all across North America, on behalf of customers from all around the world. We're bringing people together, and helping them gift gratitudecongratulationsthoughtful wishes and gourmet goods, to people, near and far.

Personally, we have feel we have the greatest job. We get to take a - for most, stressful - mundane task, and transform it into an effortless and enjoyable activity for the masses. Gifting no longer has to connect to the last minute gifting jitters, but rather, it can be solely about that WOW factor. And, something you leave up to the gifting experts! Through Retail Insiders article, Mario captured what's at the heart of our brand, and in many ways, we see that as a gift in itself.

The article ended with a quote from our esteemed President & CEO, Robin Kovitz. She expressed, “I think we’ve kind of made the gift basket have a bit of a comeback – a resurgence – with the merger of that with e-commerce. The gift basket from the 80s is back again and Baskits is at the core of that.” Whether you refer to it as revamping, refining, or refreshing - not to toot our own horn - our team has managed to bring back gifting baskets, and make it better than ever before!

Transforming and evolving an industry that in many ways, people believed to be tired, is an exciting task and something that we truly love innovating towards, each and every day. So, let's gift on!