Refine & Refresh

Refine & Refresh

2021 Nov 5th

They say don't mess with a good thing. But a refresh and glow-up never hurt anybody, especially when it's elevating a classic. A few weeks back, we placed a spotlight on our Champlain Collection - a customer favourite for many reasons. Today, that spotlight is showcasing its newest, most sophisticated self.

Not only did we refresh it, but we refined the entire collection. With new bases, and new prices, Champlain is sure to be on the top of your gifting list. At first glance, you may wonder... what is different? But if you're purchasing a Champlain S or L, the gift extends past the food. With these sizes, you get the added gift of a metal planter than can be used and re-purposed in your homes.

And, of course, it's still the perfect balance of creamy and crunchy - it has the title of Best Seller for a reason! With Sweetsmith's Traditional peanut brittle, Dabble & Drizzle chocolate-covered almonds, and Crackle & Pop Sea Salt Kettle chips, the variety is everything you could ask for and more. Brimming with gourmet goods, this basket is sure to leave your family and friends wanting more - you may even decide to purchase one for yourself!

The holiday season is calling, the question is, are you ready with Champlain?