Ready, Set, Cookout!

Ready, Set, Cookout!

2021 Jul 12th

Bring on that summer sunshine!

Sunshine means the perfect time to light up that barbeque and enjoy a good cook out! Baskits wants to help you send great gifts that allow friends and family to bask in the beautiful weather with delicious food right off the grill!

BBQ Sizzler is the perfect BBQ focused gift basket that fits any stay at home occasion.

BBQ Sizzler Gift Basket (M71820)

This basket is perfect for anyone who loves to pack on the flavor before throwing food over flame. The BBQ Sizzler features a high-end, stainless steel grilling wok filled with Gourmet du Village Burger Seasoning, Neal Brother's BBQ Sauce, retro French fry seasoning and more; gifts that are sure to spice up any meal. Paired with BBQ essentials are Sea Salt Kettle Chips to keep your barbeque expert snacking while he’s grilling.

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