Ready, Set, Camp!

Ready, Set, Camp!

2019 Jun 21st

Today is the day! Summer has officially begun. School is coming to an end, the sun is out and the kids are all excited for 8 whole weeks of summer vacation! For many kids, summer vacation means a long anticipated, couple weeks away at CAMP! While it’s a great opportunity for the kids to spend some time adventuring on their own and making new friends, it’s also nice to be able to check in with them during their time away, just to let them know that you’re thinking about them and they’re missed.

For your seasoned camper, our Lights Out package features a pair of the famous Archie comic books as well as a hide-under- your-pillow flash light that are great for sneaking a read under the covers after “lights out”. Doodle Box is also a great gift to send to the girls bunk! Filled with interactive gifts like Glow in the Dark Nail Polish and DIY Hair Garlands, this package is perfect for free time and inspiring friendship building.

Have a first time camper? First Time at Camp is a fun basket that includes gifts curated to offer comforts from home. With the most cuddle-worthy Jellycat Bear and Mad Libs to fill quote time, this gift is a great way to keep touch and inspire a good time while your child is away.

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