Proud Baskits Brands

Proud Baskits Brands

2019 Jun 17th

Baskits believes in delivering only the highest quality brands to our customers, which is why we carry many exclusive brands that we are so proud of. Some of these exclusives include Dabble & Drizzle, Mimi and Liloo, Crackle & Pop and Jake & Jill. These brands are curated to be fun, light-hearted and delicious; working hand-in-hand with local businesses to ensure quality first.

Dabble & Drizzle provides a large selection of our sweet and savory products such as Chocolate Truffles, Maple Almonds, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Chili Nut Mix and much more – always delivering the quality and taste that our customers deserve.

Mimi and Liloo is found in many of our gourmet gift baskets and is recognized for its unique chocolate bar flavours. Mimi and Liloo chocolate flavours includes Maple Crunch, Tropic Coconut, Dark Sea Salt and more.

Crackle & Pop is a special feature brand that is found in almost every basket! Crackle & Pop is our famous kettle chip and popcorn brand that includes flavours such as Sea Salt, Thai Chili, BBQ, Sweet and Salty and Chicago Mix. A snack lover’s go to that makes it almost impossible to share!

Jake & Jill is a wonderful parent-approved brand that can be found in our beautiful baby baskets. Our Baby Wash is gentle and free of harsh detergents, perfect for bath time and the Baby Lotion is vitamin-enriched, leaving baby's skin feeling soft and healthy.

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