Personalized, please!

Personalized, please!

2021 Dec 10th

This Friday we wanted to feature our newest website category: "Personalized". Only the most personalized experience for our favourite customers. A few weeks back we put a spotlight on how to easily navigate our Baskits site, because gifting with ease, is always at the forefront of our mission - whether shopping in person or online.

When you arrive on our homepage, we suggest that the first place you turn to is our "shop by category" section. Shopping by category is the simplest way to navigate to the gifts you really want. Because, although, we know that browsing is a fun way to pass the time (especially while at work - don't worry, we won't tell), we're also aware that when it comes time to holiday gifting, time is truly of the essence.

Under categories, you will now find our newest, personalized category - for everything embroidered! From Bashful Bunnies, to blanketsbathrobes, and more - the personalizing never ends. We know that never-ending options is a privilege that you can't get just anywhere, but with Baskits, it's our promise, always.

No matter the size of the bunny, the colour of blanket, or the type of step stool you order, we know that adding that extra personalization to your gift will go a long way with your recipient. What once was a simple, plush, stuffed bunny, becomes a forever memorable, childhood animal, once your name is etched on it.

We know how important the details are, and with a Baskits gift, no details go unnoticed. So, gift the most personable of keepsakes. Not only are you gifting something tangible, but with this added touch, you are also gifting a long-lasting memory.