Nurses' Week - May 6-12

Nurses' Week - May 6-12

2016 Apr 27th

Elegant gifts for extrordinary heroes

Think back to a time when you or a loved one were in need of healthcare and in the hands of strangers. With the promise of doing everything they could to help see you through, these incredible people called Nurses are the heartbeat of our medical world.

Committed to helping others, their jobs are never finished. At any point in the day, they manage countless roles and responsibilities, do the things NOBODY wants to do, work longer hours than most would care to imagine, have to think on their feet with people's lives on the line, and are pushed to their limits in both physical endurance and critical thinking. A nurse's courage, selflessness and dedication to healthcare and our well being is undeniably worthy of the title "Hero." What's even more amazing is that nurses do this important work every single day!

There may be nothing you can do to repay the nurses in your life, but a gift basket is a start! We have the perfect collection to acknowledge the nurses who have made a difference for you and your loved ones.

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The week of May 6 to 12 is International Nurses Week. A week devoted to the men and women who keep our healthcare system and hospitals running. Even more importantly, this is a week dedicated to the men and women who will stop at NOTHING to make sure our loved ones are cared for.

For the special- and deserving- nurses in your life, let Baskits deliver thanks on your behalf.

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