New Year, New Posts

New Year, New Posts

2022 Jan 4th

The title really does say it all! We are so excited to welcome you all back. Happy Tuesday morning - and happy 2022, to you all. We hope you all had a warm and restful holiday. It’s hard to contain our excitement, but just as another holiday passes, another one (shortly) arrives. And, we cannot wait to celebrate each one, together.

Although 2022 started with some unsettling news, we believe that leaves us with all the more reason to focus on todays Tuesday Treats. Because when times get tough, it’s important to remember that there is always something positive we can focus on. Each and every day has a treat, and here’s your Baskits one!

Taking care of one another, our families, friends and ourselves is of the utmost importance - especially now. And we’re here to help simplify that task. There are so many ways to partake in self-care, whether it’s through pamperingindulging, or cooking, we know everyone’s outlets vary. 

But, this Tuesday we’re calling all tea-lovers, because our treat of the day is Just Tea & Me. One of our favourite gift boxes that inspires moments of warmth and relaxation - something we could all use a little extra of. A delicate balance of tea and treats to nibble on, this is the perfect selection for those that ‘need’ their daily dose of tea.

As we are a mere 4 days into 2022, it’s our new year's resolution to emphasize the impact of gifting. We have carefully curated a large variety of gifts, under several categories, to ensure that all your gifting needs are met with a Baskits gift basket. We’re all about ensuring that your recipient has an extra special treat when they receive their gift. Because really, it’s all about wanting to put a smile on someone’s face - so this Tuesday, add the treat of tea into someone’s day. Along with a personalized note - it doesn’t get any better then that! 

Start the new year off the right way - with a thoughtful gift for all the tea-lovers in your life.