National White Wine Day - Best Gifts for Wine lovers

National White Wine Day - Best Gifts for Wine lovers

2022 Aug 4th

Today is National White Wine Day! What better way to celebrate than raising a glass of Pinot Grigio while enjoying our Not Too Sweet (White) gift box! This gift box displays a beautiful bottle of Lola Pinot Grigio with complimentary sweet and savoury treats to indulge in. Toast to this special day and pair the white wine with artisanal salami, brie cheese, fig and walnut wine preserve. This white wine has refreshing notes of lemon-lime, fresh melon, green apple, pear and citrus flavours that all come together smoothly- The perfect combination to celebrate National White Wine Day!

Not Too Sweet (White) Gift Basket (G51121)

Not Too Sweet (White)

Pair your favourite white wine with our savoury basket collection! Filled with sweet and savoury goodies, these baskets are perfect to share and enjoy while indulging in some fine wine. Filled with some of our favourite items such as Mary Macleod’s shortbread cookies, brie cheese, Crackle and Pop water crackerspeanut brittle, Dabble and Drizzle chocolate truffles and so much more! For an elevated treat, bake the Brie cheese to pair with our Lola Pinot Grigio. The acidity of the wine pairs really well with the salty and creamy flavours of the cheese. 

We have the perfect gift basket ideas to pair with your favourite bottle of white wine!

Forest Hill Gift Basket (G72221)

Forest Hill: An elegant basket filled with savoury treats such as smoked salmon, mixed nuts, brie cheese, crackers, and more!

Pasta Night Gift Basket (R71521)

Pasta Night: Pair your favourite white wine with a delicious pasta dinner! 

Luxe Bathrobe Adult XL Gift Basket (R12821)

Luxe Bathrobe: Who doesn't love drinking a glass (or bottle) of wine in a comfy, luxurious bathrobe? Self-care has your name all over it!

Wine gift baskets delivered from Baskits are a sure way to show your wine loving friends and family a good time! Baskits makes it easy to send wine gift baskets all over Ontario. For over 35 years, Baskits Inc. has been trusted thousands of top corporations, professionals and individuals to deliver impressive gift baskets on their behalf.

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