Minimoc! The Cutest Moccasins for Little Feet.

Minimoc! The Cutest Moccasins for Little Feet.

2018 Sep 7th

If there is anything that we love more than supporting brilliant Canadian companies, it’s supporting Canadian companies that put their heart and soul into ensuring the economical manufacturing of their products and uphold a steadfast dedication to quality. 

Husband and wife duo, Amanda and Jeff Penner, do just this in every aspect of their business, making Minimoc the perfect addition to our luxury gifts for baby!

Each tantalizingly adorable pair of Minimoc moccasins are handmade, not only with love, but with ethically sourced genuine leather and are individually inspected for quality and durability. Their unwavering attention to every detail is the quality and care that all little feet deserve.

Minimoc, along with their beautiful soft-sole shoes, have surely made their way into our hearts, and ultimately, our Baskits! You can find Minimocs in a number of gifts in our "For Baby" collection, including Big Bear - the ultimate gift for expecting parents, new arrivals, baby showers and more!