Making Bachelorettes Special in Isolation

Making Bachelorettes Special in Isolation

2020 May 6th

Ensure your bride-to-be still has a bachelorette to remember with our helpful tips. 

Organizing a virtual activity gets everyone into the spirit and helps with bonding if you have a few friend groups coming together. Embrace your inner artist with a virtual paint night or host a classic Mr. and Mrs. Quiz.

Making a cocktail or mock-tail together can also be a great activity, just find an easy recipe and tell everyone what ingredients they need before hand. If your bride lives in the Greater Toronto Area, our Hangover Helper is the perfect gift for the morning after the night before! For extra fun, you could incorporate a theme into your night. 80's? Fancy Dress? The options are endless.

Or if a chill night is more your vibe, you can do face masks and create your own spa day. We’ve got a wide range of spa gift baskets (Diana + Luxe Serenity, pictured below) you can send to the bride to make the event extra special.

Get ready to have fun and be creative! Whatever you dream up, the bride-to-be is sure to be delighted with the extra effort.

Planning a bachelorette in isolation and want a thoughtful surprise delivered? Our team are on hand to advise you and help with orders, get in touch via email at or by calling us 1-800-561-9177.