Lunar Ready, Baskits Style!

Lunar Ready, Baskits Style!

2022 Jan 13th

While January 1st may be the start of the calendar year, many countries and cultures ring in the "New Year's" holiday at different times throughout the year.

Chinese New Year, Spring Festival, or Lunar New Year as it is also referred to, begins February 1st and lasts just over 2 weeks. The Chinese New Year is a time to say goodbye to the old, and welcome in the new - a kind of blooming, per se, to mark the beginning of Spring.

To kick off the celebrations, we have curated the finest products for the perfect baskets. Leave it to Baskits to help elevate your New Year celebrations! As this year marks the Year of the Tiger - a zodiac symbol meant to represent strength and bravery (something we have all had to harness this past year) - we knew our gift selection had to reflect this animal symbol of charm and power.

To properly emulate this Lunar New Year, we designed baskets that are not only beautiful, but are simultaneously bold: hues of red and gold throughout, traditional red envelopes, gold chocolate coins, and other sweet treats, all packaged in a keepsake metal trunk with leather detailing. This elegant and stylish gift is perfect for wishing good fortune and joy to those who are near or far - friends, family, clients and even colleagues.

So, gift joy and prosperity with the perfect Baskits bundle!