Let the fun begin, we're now accepting samples!

Let the fun begin, we're now accepting samples!

2019 Jan 17th

It's that time of year again, and we're so excited to get the ball rolling with the design of our 2019-2020 collection!

Every year our team scours Canada (and the globe) in search of the most luxurious, trending and leading products in food, fashion, lifestyle, baby and more, to take place as the incredible gifts that fill our gift baskets. Our team of design experts are thrilled with the beautiful products that have already made their way to our headquarters and are so excited to begin creating our best collection yet.

We openly welcome all product samples from any vendor who wishes to have their products in contention for our 2019-2020 collection; as we love to share great companies and brands with our 30,000+ customers across Canada and the US.

If you are the purveyor of fantastic products that you think would be great for our gifts and would like to send us a sample of your very best, please visit the page for Suppliers on our website for all information needed before sending in your products.

Please feel free to reach out to us at purchasing@baskits.com