Kick start your morning with Muskoka Roastery

Kick start your morning with Muskoka Roastery

2019 Jan 8th

What could be better than a feel-good cup of java to start your day?

With hand-crafted, Canadian-inspired blends like "Howling Wolf" or "Loon Call," Muskoka Roastery Coffee prides themselves in being the first coffee roaster in Canada to source green beans exclusively from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms. These rainforests span across 8 different countries from Indonesia to Costa Rica and are protected through sustainable farming. 

These talented roasters combine the best characteristics of each origin to deliver unique blends that consistently deliver the highest quality. One of our favourites is their Butter Pecan selection; perfect for adding a little flavor to every cup.

Baskits proudly carries Muskoka Coffee in a multitude of gift baskets that include Country Lane, Canadiana Large, Home at Last, Forest Hill, Muskoka (of course), Canadian Breakfast and many more.

When you brew the best coffee, word gets around.