Keep it Cozy, this long weekend.

Keep it Cozy, this long weekend.

2022 Feb 18th

And, we're back. Friday, we're finally here! And, we couldn't be more excited to roll into the long weekend! Today's Friday Feature is our very special, Keeping It Cozy.

This gift basket really emulates what we all need to do during the colder days. As we impatiently await the warmer weather, keeping cozy, is the best option. However, you can do so, in style! This gift is filled with the most luxurious and relaxing products to make any stressful (and, cold) day fade away.

Curated with the most premium of products, this cozy basket includes 100% pure cashmere socks, Hatch Coffee, a cream cable knit blanket to snuggle up in, candles and more! Setting the scene for what can be the perfect night at home.

So, bundle up in your cable knit & cashmere, warm up with our Empress & Co., Silver Mohair, candle and snack on the sweetest Fraktals. Elevate your nights-in with yourself, with your significant other, or with several of your favorite people. With this Baskits bundle, you're sure to impress, and enjoy for hours on end.