It's a Cash-miracle!

It's a Cash-miracle!

2019 Mar 21st

It's almost unbearable how adorable our 100% cable knit cashmere gifts for baby are!

JAKE and JILL creates the most exquisite, luxury line of stunning cashmere gifts for infants. These can be found in our Baby Luxe lucite gift box and showcases a cable knit, 100% cashmere blanket, cardigan and hat set.

In a recent review of this gorgeous box, celebrity Jillian Harris states that she "loved both the presentation of of the gift as well as the lucite box in which the gifts are delivered." Parents are raving over the fact that this gift comes with very minimal waste and the lucite box can then double as a keepsake or shadow box.

Along with the cashmere pieces, this gift is accompanied by a pair of hand-made moccasins from Minimoc, the softest Bashful Bunny from Jellycat and an a coconut and oat organic bath milk; baby will be bundled in extravagance from head to tiny toes!