Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

2022 Feb 14th

Happy Monday Meets and Happy Valentine's Day everyone! We have finally approached the day of love. Whether you are celebrating with your significant other, best friend, family, or you are having a solo night in, we hope Baskits is a part of your special day.

There are a myriad of ways to express love, to yourself and those around you, which is why we have the 5 languages of love. If the one you love requires words of affirmation, writing a personalized message or card goes a long way. If they love receiving gifts, well you know Baskits already has that covered! But, what we often forget is, once the gift has been delivered, it's important to follow it, by spending quality time with that person.

Gifting is one of those special acts that are not universally defined. Yes, when we hear gifts, many of us do think of something tangible, maybe a present with a perfect bow tied atop it. However, at Baskits, we like to go above and beyond. From the gift itself, which contains only the most premium of contents, personalized options, and a message to tie it all together - literally. You can say and send love in a million ways.

So, as today is Valentine's Day, we want to remind you all that expressing gratitude and love is a gift in itself. And, once you have that covered, well who doesn't love having a perfect gift to unwrap too?

All you need is love ...and (gift) Baskits!