Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!

Happy Random Act of Kindness Day!

2022 Feb 17th

Welcome back, everyone! As I'm sure you all know, today is our Thursday Thoughts. That being said, it is also an extra special day, that we at Baskits love to celebrate. Happy Random Act of Kindness Day, to you all!

This day focuses on entrusting us all with the duty to make the world a kinder place, one-by-one, day-by-day. Our individual actions truly do make an impact on this large world we all live in, together. And, there is no limit on the amount of kindness we can gift those around us.

Because we're in the gifting business, we thought it'd be right to share with you 5 Baskits tips on how you can celebrate Random Act of Kindness Day. Regardless of size, each action, makes a difference, and goes a long way, in others' lives.

  1. Have a judgment free day
  2. Write a handwritten letter (or, thank you note, attached to a gift)!
  3. Use a reusable water bottle
  4. Ship a care package (or have Baskits wrap, pack and deliver it for you).

And, last but not least, 5. bring reusable totes to the grocery store. Not to toot our own horn, but we know the perfect totes to make your go-to shopping bag.

On this day, it's our goal to ensure that we help people spread kindness, gratitude, appreciation, and love. In whatever method they choose, but should you choose gifting, we urge you to leave that to us! The way we choose to celebrate this day, is by reminding everyone, that random acts of kindness, don't require a specific day. Rather, we should regularly be gifting gratitude, to those around us.

The positivity you put out in the world, will always go a long way.