Hanukkah Gift Ideas

Hanukkah Gift Ideas

2021 Nov 29th

Monday meets a Hanukkah done by Baskits! As today is the second day of Hanukkah, we wanted to wish you all a very happy holiday and continued joy for the remainder of the week.

With 6 more nights of celebrating left, and many more feasts to attend, we at Baskits have assembled the perfect gift guide for all your Hanukkah dinner party needs. Whether you need a kosher-only basket, or want a basket brimming with gourmet treats, we've got your celebrating covered.

As we spotlighted last week, our kosher gift basket collection is available in 4 different sizes, and each with their own unique bases, allowing for endless kosher treats at any feast. But, not everyone wants the kosher route, and in that case, we still have the perfect, curated selection of gift baskets for all of your dinner hosts.

From our Mary Macleod Shortbread, to our Celebration with Champagne, or our Forest Hill gift basket, your gifting options truly have no end. Whether they're wrapped in our elegant lucite boxes, a rattan basket, or a glass jar, each container is a gift in itself. With this vast gifting selection, and more options available on our site, you really can elevate your Hanukkah-gifting standard.

And, if you really want to get in the good books of everyone at the party, gift a set of 12 Canadian chocolate loonies to all the little ones celebrating. Because the holidays are never too sweet! So, we are wishing you all a very Happy Hanukkah, and hope you feast on the sweetest of treats, surrounded by your favourite people. And, if you really want to gift thoughtfully, make it a Baskits celebration.