Gifts for your Girl Squad

Gifts for your Girl Squad

2018 Sep 24th

When it comes to your BFF's, finding the best gifts, no matter what the occasion, is essential. 

Maybe one of your besties is having her very first baby shower and you need the perfect baby basket, or maybe someone is celebrating an engagement, promotion or birthday and the right gift is key. Our collection "For Her" ensures that no matter what the occasion, we've got you covered with great gifts for your girls. What's even better, is whether they are near or far, Baskits offers gift delivery anywhere in North America so that you never have to miss a celebration.

Taking a closer look at some of our favourites, #AboutLastNight is filled with all of the little extras required for the day after the night before: detox pamper pack, Advil, lime- flavored candy, Tealish Hangover Helper whole-leaf tea, and other great pick-me-ups is the perfect gift for the morning after your bachelorette and birthday celebrations. #LadyBoss, is equipped with everything your BFF  will need to take on a busy day; a pad of paper, cute pencils, a couple great snacks and a fantastic tumbler filled with her favorite bevy, and more - the perfect gift basket for promotions, birthdays, or just because. 

Show the girls some love with great holiday gift baskets, baby shower gift basketsfood giftsthank you giftsget well gifts and so much more.