Gifting Gratitude, Near and Far!

Gifting Gratitude, Near and Far!

2022 Feb 10th

Happy Thursday Thoughts, everyone! Welcome back. Although the days are colder and darker, here at Baskits, it's our mission to give you and your loves ones a reason to smile. And, what better method then gifting those you love? Especially when there's no specific holiday/event, but rather, you're gifting to just say "I'm thinking of you" and "hope you're doing well". Because it's the thought that counts. With us, you get the thought, and a gift!

But, why Baskits, you may ask? With so many companies curating and distributing gift baskets and gift boxes, I'm sure the question has entered your mind. Well, our thoughts today are about to answer that query.

Trust is at the center of what we do. Gifting on behalf of others is no simple feat, which is why we know that only the best will do. Always. Along with that trust, we offer personalization and luxury in one, perfect bundle. Our baskets are curated and designed with the utmost care and thought. Each gift goes through a lengthy, checking-process so that we can ensure, without a doubt, that your gifts arrive on the chosen day, and that what you see, is ALWAYS what you gift.

Quality, transparency, communication, trust, and personalization are at the heart of what we do at Baskits. Gifting experts isn't just a title, but rather it's a lifestyle. Our lifestyle. So, this month, we're encouraging you to give them thank you gifts that are elegant and thoughtful. Shop, click and send with ease at Phone our call center, visit our retail locations, or even message us on Instagram, because we love hearing from you, all.

This is our thanks to you all. Gifting gratitude, near and far!