Fridays are about indulging!

Fridays are about indulging!

2018 Nov 2nd

It’s been a fantastic week and we’re already prepping for the rush of the holiday season. As the week comes to a close, today is all about indulging! Indulging in successes from the week, the promise of a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend and a few decadent treats from amazing Canadian companies of course!

We take pride in sourcing products for our gifts from incredible small-batch Canadian companies from coast to coast; otherwise we source from leading brands around the world who are innovative, on trend and premium in every way. From Provision’s Food Co. in Niagara to 3rd generation Canadian chocolatiers, we have something to please even the most discerning of tastes.

Headed to a party this weekend? Thank your host in the most elegant way with a beautiful gift of goodies. We have 4 conveniently located stores to assist you with hand-selecting the perfect gift. Visit our brand new store at 2 St. Clair E for our Grand Opening sale of 10% off an in-store purchase.

Happy weekend!