For the Foodies in your life!

For the Foodies in your life!

2022 Feb 25th

Every Friday, we enjoy walking you through our feature of the week. Whether it be a gift basketgift box, or smaller gifts sold in separate parts - we love sharing our products with you all. Because there's no better way to learn about a brand, then from them directly! And, today, we're calling all the foodies out there - this one's for you.

Our Friday Feature is all about our Winter Foodie. At first glance, many may mistaken this gift for what it appears to be. But, we, along with several special customers and recipients, know the true Baskits secret. These gifts are not just a tangible item shared with your loved ones. Rather, each and every Baskits gift is curated in such a way as to ensure that everlasting memories are the real gift.

Well since we're getting into it - the secret is out! We think there is no better WOW then when gifting someone a gift basket. You see, baskets are comprised of so very much. It's almost as if your eyes don't know where to fixate, because they're overwhelmed with the amount of products they're feasting their eyes on. And, although the contents eventually diminish, the memories, and that initial WOW factor you gifted them, will never wane.

Our Winter Foodie defines the gifting wow-factor: luxurious, and also filled with the most upscale products, both Canadian and global. Loaded with gourmet delicacies, from truffles, to maple glazed salmon, truffle honey, porcini mushroom risotto, to our favourite Fraktals, and even Amola black truffle salt. Defining gourmet and decadence in one beautiful box. And, as if the gourmet products weren't enough, the box itself is a stunning keepsake, crafted from Canadian pine. A true Canadian treasure for the home.

So, this Winter, give the gift of a true Canadian treasure for the home. Gift delicious treats and everlasting memories!