Faux-Ever in Bloom

Faux-Ever in Bloom

2022 Jan 20th

This weeks Thursday Thoughts are all about the positive energy we want to exude in 2022. A new year comes with a change of attitude, change of heart, and the desire for new and exciting things to come. With many of us being stuck working from home (yet again), how to spruce up our homes and office spaces is at the top of our minds.

Staring at the same four walls and computer screen, day-in-day-out, can really deplete one's energy, and dampen their mood. With cold winter days ahead, we could all use a little freshness, warmth, and color. And, lucky for you, Baskits has just the perfect thing to help!

Our faux-ever faux flowers are the perfect accent piece for any home, credenza, or office space. Why worry about plant-watering, or replacing bouquets weekly, when you can have stunning, timeless arrangements in perfect bloom.

Soft to touch, these delicate, silk arrangements are beautiful, enchanting, and romantic— just like the style icons they were named after.

Today, we wanted to focus on one of our newer flowers: Grace! A stunning, single-stem, white Phalaenopsis Orchid in full bloom, Grace is a vision of pure elegance and sophistication, just like her namesake, and makes a thoughtful gift for countless occasions.

One of the most desirable flowers, orchids are loved for their delicate, exotic and graceful presentation. Symbolizing, love, luxury, beauty and strength, Grace defines gifting thoughtfully. With no maintenance needed, she really is a stand-alone beauty.

So, spruce up your loved ones offices with the essence of Grace!