Exquisite Faux Florals

Exquisite Faux Florals

2020 Aug 14th

A mixed bouquet of exquisite florals that will never wilt, fray or die? Where would one find such a thing?! 

Well you can shop our magnificent collection of 'Faux Florals' at Baskits.com  of course, for show-stopping arrangements that will last a lifetime!

Faux Arrangement - Elle

The most luxurious piece within our collection, our faux floral arrangement, Elle, is a display of true beauty in every aspect. Hand-set in a brushed gold vase are a selection of large hydrangeas, Titania roses, Tamora roses and Stargazer lilies in duel stages of bloom. This selection is chic, sophisticated and just the “wow” factor you’re looking for – over the top, but not too serious! You can send this arrangement for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers and so much more!