Executive Excellence

Executive Excellence

2022 Mar 10th

Thursday Thoughts are the perfect time to reflect on the previous day's wins and losses. Yesterday, we had a big win! Robin Kovitz, our President & CEO, spoke at the DX3 summit panel, along with several other top business leaders and changemakers, sharing their advice and valuable lessons. This Canadian event, took place virtually and was the perfect forum for everyone to learn, whilst enjoying the company of esteemed businesspeople.

Speaking on behalf of the "Executive Excellence: Lessons from CEOs", Robin used this platform to share her story and the tale of how Baskits came to be what it is today. Through her leadership, knowledge, positive spirit and drive, Baskits became the leading purveyor of fine gifts in North America - no small feat!

Robin delved into the world of business and how it's constantly evolving. These rapid changes require the ability to quickly pivot and adapt to consumers' changing needs. She focused specifically on how to embrace a more progressive leadership style, one that emphasizes the importance of collaboration and innovation.

From this thought, often comes the question, 'how do businesspeople keep up with these constant and continuous changes? In today's working landscape, a CEO - of any sort - needs to have a toolbox full of skills that he/she can easily grab and put into action. Our fearless leader, Robin, has a full toolbox, and her team at Baskits knows this to be true.

There is great value in sharing advice and knowledge with the future generation, to help shape and bolster them into fearless leaders of tomorrow, ready to tackle anything life and business throws at them. We want to thank Dx3 for putting together such a wonderful panel, and for initiating the important conversations, year after year. 

Baskits' mission is share the gift of joy with those around us, and thanks to Robin, we've been gifted this privilege.