Elegant Fall Florals

Elegant Fall Florals

2019 Sep 24th

We couldn't be more excited about the first couple days of fall and everything we have to look forward to with the coming of cooler weather. Pumpkin spiced everything, cozy sweaters, colorful scenery and cute new decor are just to name a few! 

Our faux flower arrangements are perfect for any space, all year round, however our faux arrangement, Marilyn is perfect for adding an elegant, modern twist to your fall decor! 

Both enchanting and timeless, this long-stemmed bouquet of large Tamora roses is inspired by the icon herself and will steal the spotlight in any room. Hand-cut and set perfectly in a clear solid solution that looks just like water, this striking piece will forever be a focal point, long after the leaves have fallen.

Perfect in all their beauty, the best part about our faux flowers, is they are so unbelievably life like, that your guest will have to touch them to believe they are make of a synthetic material.

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