Dabble & Drizzle - Baskits Exclusive Gourmet Treats

Dabble & Drizzle - Baskits Exclusive Gourmet Treats

2022 Aug 18th

We want to gift you with a special spotlight on one of our very own brands – Dabble & Drizzle!

Launched in 2017, this Canadian made brand, with European flare, is filled with chocolates that melt in your mouth and treats that are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Not only do we pride ourselves on and seek perfection in our chocolate, we also “dabble” in other indulgent treats – try our delicious almond butter cookies, decadent Belgian drinking chocolate or switch it up to our spicy chili nut mix! We have a variety of goodies that you can find in any of our baskets or you buy on their own to enjoy, such as: D&D Chocolate covered biscuitsChocolate coconut almonds, our decadent original peanut brittle and more!

Dabble & Drizzle Belgian Drinking Chocolate Gift Basket (WS21)                                                           Dabble & Drizzle Chili Nut Mix Gift Basket (WS03)    

Dabble & Drizzle Chocolate Covered Biscuits Gift Basket (080.00.1013)   Dabble & Drizzle Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond (57g) Gift Basket (WS13)   Dabble & Drizzle Original Peanut Brittle Gift Basket (WS01)

We fuel our Fridays with a delicious caffeine fix of Baskits' own Dabble & Drizzle Cafe Latte almonds! You can find these irresistible treats in our gourmet gift collections or purchase separately at Baskits.com under "Our Brands".

Dabble & Drizzle Caffe Latte Almonds (120g) Gift Basket (LAM-120g-CAFFE LATTE)                      Dabble & Drizzle Cafe Latte Almonds (65g) Gift Basket (LAM-65g-CAFFE LATTE)

Here is our collection that features the delicious brand, Dabble & Drizzle:

Heavenly Bites S Gift Basket (G81821)                                  Heavenly Bites M Gift Basket (G77621)

Heavenly Bites S/M: These beautiful gift boxes feature the most decadent assorted milk and dark chocolates. Handmade in Ontario, Heavenly Bites are perfectly rich and creamy, sure to satisfy all your cravings.

Champlain M Gift Basket (G70721)              Champlain M Gift Basket (G70721)

Champlain M: As one of our best-sellers, Champlain M is sure to impress. Featuring items such as Dabble & Drizzle Chocolate Covered Biscuits, Butter Almond "Amandinos", Caffe Latte Almonds, Milk Chocolate Cashews, and Dark Chocolate Coconut Almonds

Canadiana L Gift Basket (G71221)             Canadiana L Gift Basket (G71221)

Canadiana L: The quintessential all-Canadian gift for any occasion! This classic arrangement includes the best of Dabble & Drizzle products such as Milk Chocolate Cashews and Caramel Corn! 

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