Crackle & Pop: The quality you deserve

Crackle & Pop: The quality you deserve

2019 Jan 21st

Sometimes, when premium products cannot be found, you have to roll up your sleeves and create them yourself!

That's just what good friends Crackle and Pop did. They set out to hand-select the finest, top quality ingredients and perfect process for popping in small batches; ensuring the richest possible flavors. The result: A gourmet kettle corn that is not only delicious but premium in every way!

Popped at the perfect temperature, this gourmet treat is both gluten and peanut free, as well as kosher certified - which is why it is the perfect addition to our gourmet gift baskets!

You can find Crackle & Pop's delicious treats in a numbers of our gift baskets. Some of our favourites include Champlain Large, Forest Hill and Avenue.