Cottage Season Has Arrived!

Cottage Season Has Arrived!

2016 May 18th


The winter in Canada can be a long and gloomy time of year, leaving many of us feeling cooped up, over-worked and eager for summer. As the snow melts away and the sun shines a little brighter, we become excited for everything that is promised with beautiful weather.

For cottagers, a weekend in paradise is just the thing you need to unwind and recharge your batteries. Spend some quality time with friends and family, and let the world lift off your shoulders - it's just what the doctor ordered.

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SO WHAT IS MAY "2-4"??

May "2-4"... just the thought of it produces a deep sigh of relief and brings a smile to our faces. Many of us recognize the May "2-4" long weekend as a chance to buy an extra-large case of beer, put up our feet, and sip on a cold one in the presence of good company. However, we tend to forget that May "2-4" is actually the Victoria Day weekend, in honour of Queen Victoria's birthday (May 24th, 1819). We began celebrating this holiday in Canada on May 24th, 1854 on Queen Victoria's 35th birthday. This was 17 years after her coronation as the Queen of the United Kingdom at the tender age of 18. Nevertheless, whether honouring the birth of our Queen, or celebrating the beginning of sunshine and cottage season, three days out of the office is always welcomed with open arms.

Don't you feel relaxed just thinking about the cottage? The sound of crackling wood on the fire while loons call to each other. Wind dancing through the trees, accompanied only by the screeching of crickets in the grass. No horns honking, no sirens blaring... instead replaced by the sounds of kids splashing in the lake and good times. Most would argue that there's nothing better.

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