Celebrate our Canadian brands this Canada Day

Celebrate our Canadian brands this Canada Day

2019 Jun 28th

Canada Day is about celebrating the history of Canada but more importantly the people and things that make it so special. Some of which include our Canadian brands that we cherish so greatly. Our Canadian brands are found in many baskets and we want them to be enjoyed by all this Canada Day!

A couple of these fantastic brands include Mary Macleod’s and Fraktals’.

Founded in 1981, Mary Macleod’s, the purveyor of the most delicious all-butter shortbread cookies, started out in Toronto and continues as an iconic favourite after 35 years of business. Each hand-made batch of cookies is made with the best ingredients possible that everyone is sure to enjoy.

Fraktals’ was established in Aurora, Ontario to be the most delicious, mouth-watering chocolate experience out there. Fraktals’ are made by hand from start to finish; everything from the chocolate to hand tying the ribbon. Enjoy each and every bite because once it’s done, you’ll be wanting more.

From Fraktals’ to Mary Macleod’s cookies, we source companies from Canada that are the very best at what they do so that we can share them with our many customers across North America. Every Canadian brand believes in making each product with love and care and takes pride in knowing that their product is being enjoyed with everyone.

Find Mary Macleod’s Shortbread Cookies and Fraktals in our Gourmet collection with Art of ChocolateRoyal Fruit BasketMarital BlissCanadianaFruit & TreatsRichmond and Au Chocolat.

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