Canada Day - Supporting Canadian

Canada Day - Supporting Canadian

2022 Jun 27th

Spotlight on Canadian Suppliers and How when you buy a gift basket from Baskits, you are supporting Canadian companies from coast to coast

When you shop Baskits, you are supporting local businesses all across Canada! Baskits is bursting with pride for our home country, Canada, and we are fortunate to have an opportunity to work with many small Canadian businesses. We search from coast to coast searching for the best products to source for our gifts and here are a few brands we love:

Newfoundland Chocolate Company: Not only do they make creamy, decadent chocolates but they also display iconic scenery from all over Newfoundland and Labrador. The chocolate bars are a delicious treat that also celebrates Newfoundland’s culture. You can find their delicious products in our Gourmet collection

Laura Slack: Based in Toronto, these hand-painted artisanal chocolate bars are almost too beautiful to eat. Each bar offers an outstanding visual and taste experience for any chocolate lover. You can find Laura Slack bars in our Gourmet and Self-Care collection! 

Peleé Island Winery: Canada’s largest private estate winery produces a variety of delectable wines, made from the finest grapes. Enjoy either the Lola Cabernet Sauvignon or Lola Pinot Grigio in our Not Too Sweet baskets, perfect for those with a taste for the finer things. 

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