Brands by Us!

Brands by Us!

2021 Nov 25th

Todays Thursday Thoughts are all about our Baskits-made brands! With the addition of our newest line, Empress & Co., we now have a complete collection of 6 to share. Anything to have you all gifting with ease!

Although we work diligently towards sourcing all of our basket contents from the best, local suppliers, when we can't find the best, we make it ourselves. Because we have you, the customer always at the forefront of our thoughts, executing collections that we know you'll love is easy as 1-2-3. Through these in-house brands, we are able to curate products that allow for everyone to indulge.

When it comes to snacking, we've got you covered. Another promise we intend to always keep. From Crackle & Pop - gourmet kettle chips and more, to Dabble & Drizzle, a premium and delicious assortment of snacks, to Mimi & Liloo, our chocolate bar and tea collection, and finally a Slice of Canada, with our chocolate coin stuffers. Our brands have taken snacking to the next level. Meaning your gifting is also elevated!

And, last but not least, we have our Jake & Jill brand, of luxurious and premium baby wear. From cashmere sets to luxe bathrobes - your little ones will always be dressed to the nines. And, although that was only 5 of our 6 brands, we'd like to explore our newest one another day. So, keep on reading, as we divulge our Baskits stories, just for you.

Whether you want to buy a curated basket, or purchase these products separately for an added treat, Baskits is here to simplify that task, and share a story with it. A real two-for-one!

P.S. we wanted to wish all of our American customers a very happy (and filling) Thanksgiving!