Brand Spotlight: Pluck Tea

Brand Spotlight: Pluck Tea

2017 Jun 20th

Pluck Tea was founded in 2012 by passionate tea sommelier and connoisseur, Jennifer Commins. Jennifer began her journey with tea when she was a little girl; she gathered herbs from her grandmother’s garden and began experimenting with blends to create unique flavors of tea. In later years she started her company with visions of creating an environmentally sustainable tea brand, committed to exceptional quality. Today, Pluck tea only sources the finest organic ingredients from around the world, especially within Canada.

Pluck tea truly celebrates its Canadian heritage by sourcing local, Canadian flavors to add to its incomparable, all-natural line of loose-leaf teas. Pluck is well known for creating blends based on unique and diverse cities and regions within Canada. Flavors such as Prince Edward Island Lavender and Muskoka Chai are great examples of how they have been able to capture the different essences of Canada, in one delicious cup of tea.

Baskits is thrilled to be able to provide a taste of the finest Pluck teas. You can find Pluck in many of our favorite Baskits such as:

Muskoka, Canadiana Small, and Rise & Shine.