Brand Spotlight: Munchkin

Brand Spotlight: Munchkin

2017 Jul 15th

Munchkin Inc. was founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, California by a new dad with a very creative and innovative mind. Following the birth of his daughter in 1987, Steven Dunn, established the company after struggling to find efficient and productive baby and toddler products. Dunn’s vision for Munchkin Inc. was to be the leader in innovative, modern, and creative baby and toddler products; which he has surely accomplished.

Due to this image, Munchkin has been successfully creating pioneering products since 1991 and to date has been granted 182 patents for their products! Munchkin has also been awarded multiple industry awards and, over the years, has acquired several other leading companies in the baby and toddler business.

Munchkin Inc. is not only a ground breaking company but also a company that gives back. They are well known for their contributions to the releasing of orcas in captivity, donating over $1 Million to the construction of a costal ocean sanctuary!

Baskits thoroughly enjoys working with Munchkin, they are an incredible addition to our gifts!