Brand Spotlight: Manner

Brand Spotlight: Manner

2017 Apr 11th

Introducing Manner wafers, a confectionery classic invented in 1898 by Joseph Manner I, originally named "Neapolitan Wafers No. 239." 100 years later, this traditional family-owned company produces exclusively in Austria with love and care. Manner unites generations today with over a century's worth of original Austrian recipes, no hydrogenated fats, artificial colors or preservatives, and has become a true symbol of Vietnamese culture and lifestyle.

Made with five layers of of tender wafers filled with four layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream, did you know that approximately two packs of manner wafers are eaten every second?!

Baskits is proud to be able to share Manner Wafers with you today. Give in to temptations and enjoy this delicious piece of history.

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