Brand Spotlight: Mad Libs

Brand Spotlight: Mad Libs

2017 Aug 21st

Mad Libs, the world’s most iconic word game, is the result of a frustrating situation turned comical. It first began when Leonard Stern, one of the original creators of Mad Libs, was faced with the inability to spell “hyperbole” in a seventh-grade spelling bee. After which he was determined to learn as many words and their meaning as possible, taking a solid interest in the family dictionary and growing up to become an impeccable writer.

He would later be faced with a similar situation when he was sitting at this type writer, stumped to produce the proper noun to describe the nose, yes the nose, of another individual. After racking his brain for what seemed to be forever, Leonard’s best friend, Roger Price (one of the most creative thinkers Leonard had ever met) stopped by, learned of his writer’s block and blurted out ridiculous nouns that left them in stitches and unsure if they were brilliant or losing their minds.

An obsession with finding new words emerged and later on the hilarious game “Mad Libs” would be introduced. A game of words for anything imaginable and would grow to become a best-seller and a favorite world-wide.

You can find Mad Libs in many of our Camp Care Packages for Kids, as they make a wonderfully fun way to pass the time, involve new friends and inspire imagination and creative thinking.